With knowledge to quality!

Our unique lab tests and knowledge & expertise on diseases and abnormalities
support companies in the improvement of quality and sustainable cultivation of
flower bulbs and perennials. With our quality systems we distinguish
companies in the marketing of high quality starting materials.


What do we do?

From diagnostics to laboratory testing, quality is the guiding principle in everything we do. As a knowledge partner, we understand that the quality of your product comes first. Your starting material deserves the utmost care! That is why we are happy to share our expertise and know-how with you! With the utmost precision, of course.

You can count on integrity, speed, clarity and flexibility and guidance from A to Z with sound advice attached.

Our satisfied customers

Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan B.V.

"For over 10 years, we have been assured of prompt and expert service in the sampling of our lily material with BQ Support. This gives us and our customers the peace of mind of propagating only clean material."

A.J. Clemens Bloembollen B.V.

"We are very satisfied with BQ Support's flexible and customer-oriented approach."

MAK Breeding B.V.

"BQ Support provides great value for us in monitoring and achieving high quality propagating material."


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