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BQ Support has taken over the former diagnostic laboratory for flower bulbs and perennials of Wageningen University & Research in Lisse, the Netherlands. With Paul van Leeuwen, BQ Support has all the expertise needed to perform this diagnostic research. Including an archive with more than 30 years of information on diagnostic samples. The diagnostics take place to all possible abnormalities caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, phytoplasma but also physiological abnormalities and deficiency symptoms. In short, all aspects that can influence abnormal growth and development.


If a crop stagnates or there are problems during the preservation of harvested products, various causes may be involved such as diseases and pests or problems with a physiological background. A quick diagnosis provides insight into the cause and background of the problems. BQ Support offers the possibility of sending in diseased or abnormal plant material for diagnostic testing. The diagnostic service of BQ Support finds out the cause of the (disease) problems so that a targeted action can limit economic damage or prevent expansion of disease problems.

Quick 1st diagnosis

The sample is first examined visually and microscopically whereby a photo of the abnormality is taken. If the cause is clear, you will quickly receive our expert diagnosis. If additional examination is required, it will be carried out by us after consultation with you.

Extended if needed

Depending on the sample, further testing may be required for the presence of a virus, fungus, bacteria, nematode, phytoplasma or a deficiency/excess of an element.

Anonymous and independent

Our laboratory research is always done anonymously and independently. Even if we use a specialized laboratory for a specific study.


The current rates for a diagnostic examination are listed here.


Through experience a quick first impression of the cause


Overview of all possible causes


Access to unique test capabilities

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