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At BQ Support, you can choose from several methods for testing your lots and starting material of flower bulbs and other crops. Which method suits you best depends on the goal you want to achieve. We will gladly support you in making your choice.

All tests you order through us are processed anonymously. Therefore, your data is protected. The tests are performed in an accredited laboratory using different testing methods: ELISA or PCR. The differences between these methods are explained later on this site.


Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens can cause a lot of economic damage in the plant sector. A quick and adequate approach is important to prevent damage and/or further spread.

Do you want insight into the quality of your batch or starting material? Or do you want to set up a selection batch? Together, we will look at which technique best suits your purpose.

Insight into your lots and starting materials helps you grow a high-quality product. An important ingredient for sustainable cultivation and relations with your customer.


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Build up clean starting material


Assessment of purchased material


Accredited laboratory


Different techniques and applications

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