A virus particle is composed of genetic material surrounded by a protective protein coat. The ELISA assay method detects this protein coat. The material to be tested is ground in a mixed sample of up to 2 pieces in the press. The exception is lily pad, which is tested in a mixed sample of up to 3 pieces. The reagents used for testing are unique. This sets ELISA testing through BQ Support apart from other laboratories.

Sample types:

- Percent mixing samples; MM2% or MM3% (for lily pad).

Hierbij wordt onderscheid gemaakt tussen mengmonsters < 20 mengmonsters/extracties of ≥ 20 mengmonsters/extracties.

- Number key


Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens can cause a lot of economic damage in the plant sector. A quick and adequate approach is important to prevent damage and/or further spread.

Do you want insight into the quality of your batch or starting material? Or do you want to set up a selection batch? Together, we will look at which technique best suits your purpose.

Insight into your lots and starting materials helps you grow a high-quality product. An important ingredient for sustainable cultivation and relations with your customer.

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