Planting samples

Differentiate in selling to consumers?

For consumer sales, flower bulbs are offered in a wide variety of packaging. The image on the packaging represents the promise of the flower growing out of the bulb. Does the bulb actually have enough growth and flowering power to deliver on this promise? In short, is the mass retailer selling the quality that consumers expect? This is not visible on the outside of a flower bulb. Unfortunately, various sample plantings have shown that consumers sometimes buy something that does not live up to the promise on the packaging. 


Do you want to differentiate yourself in selling to consumers? BQ Support can help you. We plant samples in order to assess them for authenticity to type and the vigor of growth and flowering, among other things.

As an independent service provider, BQ Support randomly takes samples from the batch at your company, or at the point of sale. BQ Support plants these and assesses the samples for size, authenticity of type / composition of the mix and vigor of growth and flowering. You will receive a digital report with photos. This report can be made in several languages. Of course you can also take samples yourself and have them assessed by us.

In our portal MyBQS you can follow the assessment in real time and you can format the reporting yourself in different languages.

By using the services of BQ Support u can show your customers that the products you supply do meet the agreed requirements. 


Read more detailed information about our E-planting samples here.

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